21. 10. 2020

The Late MARGE CHAMPION on Theater Talk’s “Hello, Dolly!“ 50th Anniversary

We pay tribute to the charming and elegant dancing star Marge Champion with our 2014 celebration of the 50th anniversary of “Hello, Dolly!” Ms. Champion died October 21, 2020 at the age of...

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13. 10. 2020

Edward Albee on George Grizzard

The master playwright discusses his new production “Peter and Jerry” at Second Stage, as well as his early years as a playwright. He also pays tribute to actor George Grizzard who played Nick...

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23. 06. 2020

Remembering Joel Schumacher

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Joel Schumacher on “The Phantom of The Opera” film. Dame Edna drops by at the end to complain that she wasn’t cast in it.

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27. 05. 2020

Remembering Larry Kramer

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10. 05. 2020


Remembering  JERRY STILLER (1927-2020) and ANNE MEARA (1929-2015), Part 1 THEATER TALK presents an encore of our two-part interview with Ms. Meara with her husband and longtime partner, Jerry Stiller, who both together...

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16. 04. 2020

The Return of  Love Letters actor BRIAN DENNEHY and playwright A. R. GURNEY

Original tape date: October 3, 2014. First aired: November 1, 2014. Actor Brian Dennehy and playwright A.R. Gurney discuss the prolific writer’s revered play, Love Letters, now in an all-star revival on Broadway...

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13. 04. 2020

A Conversation with WYNN HANDMAN

We remember Wynn Handman, a master acting coach snd very dear man. In 2014, we visited him in his studio, where he then continued his teaching career as one of the theater’s most...

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03. 04. 2020

The late Adam Schlesinger with David Javerbaum sperform “Screw Loose” from CRY-BABY

Emmy-winning writer and lyricist David Javerbaum (of “The Daily Show”) and Adam Schlesinger perform “Screw Loose'” from CRY-BABY, the musical, which he wrote with Adam Schlesinger, based on the Jon Water’s movie. Adam...

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27. 12. 2019

Remembering Jerry Herman

Theater Talk spotlights the creators of the new original musical “Kid Victory,” currently at the Vineyard Theatre, which tells the unconventional story of a teenage boy’s frightening disappearance, his horrific ordeal during his...

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25. 11. 2019

Remembering John Simon (Kissel, le Sourd & Simon on Simon)

 Today, we mourn the incomparable critic, John Simon. He was brilliant about so many things (and outrageously wrong about others- though over the years he mellowed). A consummate writer, he remarkably kept...

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