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Comedy legend Renée Taylor on her new show My Life On A Diet, this summer at the Theatre at St. Clement’s. Renée wrote the show with her late husband and collaborator, Joseph Bologna, who directed the show before he passed away last year.

Next, master critic John Simon is joined by Justin Brown, his co-host on Corner Table, and amNewYork’s theater critic Matt Windman, author of The Critics Say…: 57 Theater Reviewers in New York and Beyond Discuss Their Craft and Its Future, to look at Simon’s impact on contemporary critical writing and how the legendary pundit has grown with the times.

One Response to “Comedy legend RENÉE TAYLOR; plus Critics JOHN SIMON, JUSTIN BROWN & MATT WINDMAN”

  • Bernard F. Dick

    John Simon is our only critic who is a true man of letters, equally at home in literature, music, film, and theater, in addition to having a doctorate on Comparative Literature. His accomplishments are even more impressive when you realize that he has never been given the space that reviewers in the TIMES receive, which they often waste in their attempt to be witty (but only succeed in being glib), Instead of criticism, they provide plot synopses within which lurk their opinion of the work, if one is willing to do the excavation in order to retrieve it. Lacking the space that such reviewers have, Mr. Simon has mastered the art of multum in parvo, of saying much with few words and in a limited space. The critics of another generation, Brooks Atkinson and Walter Kerr, had that ability. They also went to opening nights when there were real opening nights and back to the Times to write their reviews, which had an immediacy about them that is so lacking today, except perhaps for Terry Teachout’s in the WALL ST. JOURNAL. If you wish to assess John Simon’s legacy, it cannot be restricted to theater or film. He is a true intellectual, who sees art steadily and sees it whole. I’ve altered Matthew Arnold’s famous line, but I don’t think he would object.

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