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  • Fenella

    Could you please put up some footage of the kids from Melbourne Matilda, opening night? They were simply brilliant and there is nothing of them anywhere. There was even talk of them being better than the Sydney and Broadway kids.
    Thank you.

  • Arthur Kessler

    I’m trying to leave you a message but it won’t go through stating the captcha is incorrect. their is no captcha showing to enter anything

  • nicolas coppola

    The recent discussion about “Chicago” refers to the film version of the play featuring Ginger Rogers as “Kitty Foyle” which is wildly inaccurate, the film is called “Roxie Hart”, which seems logical and obvious, from the title alone. “Kitty Foyle” ,based on a book by Christopher Morely, deals with a career girl’s decision to have a a child out of wedlock…a big deal in 1942….but does not feature prisons or gun molls! Hopefully, the error came from Theater Talk’s ignorance, and is not found in Ethan Morrden’s book!

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