ETHAN MORDDEN:  When Broadway Went to Hollywood

On July 8, 2017 by Theater Talk Web

The prolific author Ethan Mordden returns to discuss his new book, When Broadway Went to Hollywood. With an encyclopedic knowledge of show business history, Mordden explains how, once sound was integrated into movies in the late 1920s, top Broadway songwriters were lured to Hollywood by the prospect of riches far exceeding those offered to composers and writers in the theater. He also analyzes why, despite that far greater financial incentive, most of these artists eventually returned to Broadway to continue creating work for the stage. In addition, Mordden singles out the films he considers most significant of the genre, including: The Jazz Singer, The Broadway Melody of 1929, Love Me Tonight and Gigi, which he deems to be the all-time greatest musical that Hollywood ever produced.

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