Glen Berger on his epic SONG OF SPIDER-MAN

On December 2, 2013 by Theater Talk Web

“Those who betray friends are consigned to the ninth and deepest circle of hell…Julie Taymor, the ousted director of ‘Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark,’ has her own take on the ninth circle. It’s called a lawsuit…At the lake’s center is the face of Scar, looking very much like Jeremy Irons with fangs. Dangling from two of his three mouths are Bono and The Edge, their backs being skinned so as to leave not a patch… In the third mouth, being ground head first, is the greatest traitor of all – Taymor’s co-writer, Glen Berger.”

So wrote Theater Talk co-host Michael Riedel about writer Glen Berger in November of 2011, shortly after Spider-Man: Turn Off The Darkauteur Julie Taymor was removed as the production’s director while Berger stayed behind to write a new version of the show with the new creative team that replaced her.

Now two years later with Spider-Man having posted its closing notice (at the reported loss of $60 million), we present the historic meeting between Riedel and Berger. In a no holds barred conversation, they finally come to terms with the animosity that had led Berger to refer to Riedel as “a libelous motherf***er.” Berger as it happens is promoting his just published, new book  SONG OF SPIDER-MAN: The Inside Story of The Most Controversial Musical In Broadway History which chronicles his six year experience with the troubled show. “It was like a long bad acid trip,” Berger told us in an interview that is so epic that it requires 2 episodes ofTheater Talk; part 2 will air the following week.

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