Glen Berger SONG OF SPIDER-MAN The Saga Continues

On December 3, 2013 by Theater Talk Web

When we left off in Part 1, Glen Berger, the co-writer of the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, had just compared himself to a “professional iceberg watcher”, who was trying to help the ship’s captain, director (and his co-writer) Julie Taymor, to keep the boat afloat. According to Berger, when he warned her of the danger right ahead, she not only said she didn’t believe him, but said “if you mention icebergs again, I’ll put you in the brig.” Little did they know that Berger would remain on deck even after Taymor had been thrown overboard, which is the part of the story that Berger covers in part 2 of our interview.

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  • RiedelReader

    So glad to find these online, always a treat to hear what’s going on in Theater and Broadway!

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