3 Responses to “Highlights”

  • Diane Merklinger

    Hi Michael:

    I watch Theater Talk religiously – when are some new shows going to be aired?
    I also watch you on Imus’ program on Fox Business – now as part of the “Hollywood & Vine” segment and prior to that as well.

    In one of your columns, you said you think that “Bullets Over B’way” will win some
    Tony’s. Have you seen or heard anything about “If/Then? Besides the fact that
    Travolta may have helped make Idina Menzel a household word and sell some
    more tickets.



  • Point Pleasant

    I watched the show this week in which Riedel was talking about ‘gayness’ in the theater. How rude he was to Haskins! He never gave her any opportunity to join in on the conversation…..shutting her out completely. How does she stand co-facilitatiing a wonderful show on theater when that pompous idiot never lets her talk. He is such a narcissist!

  • Michael

    Michael Riedel is the most obnoxious talk show host on television. Susan, I don’t know how you
    can stand to co-host with that pompous ass – and I use the term co-host loosely. He constantly talks over you, and the guests as well. What does he not understand about the co- part??

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