Theater Talk Member Stations as of April 2018

Allendale, MI: WGVUDT / Tues. 4AM & Fri. 11AM

Allendale, SC: WEBADT2 / Sun. 6PM or 6:30PM

Alpena, MI: WCMLDT / Sun. 1:30AM

Annapolis, MD: WMPTDT & WMPTDT2 / Sun. 12:30AM

Ashland, KY: WKASDT & WKASDT2 / Mon. 1AM

Athens, OH: WOUBDT2 / Thurs. 3:30AM

Austin, TX: KLRUDT3 / Fri. 1:30PM & 10AM

Baltimore, MD: WMPBDT2 / Tues. 11PM

Beaufort, SC: WJWJDT2 / Sun. 6PM or 6:30PM

Boise, ID: KAIDDT3 / Mon. 12AM

Boston, MA: WGBXDT / Sun. 11AM

Bowling Green, KY: WKGBDT & WKGBDT2 / Mon. 12AM

Broomfield, CO: KBDIDT & KBDIDT2 / Fri. 6:30PM & Sat. 10:30AM

Buffalo, NY: WNEDDT / Mon. 12:30AM

Cadillac, MI: WCMVDT / Sun. 1:30AM

Cambridge, OH: WOUCDT2 / Mon. 7PM & Wed. 3:30AM

Charleston, SC: WITVDT2 / Sun. 6PM or 6:30PM

Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands: WTJX & WTJXDT / Wed. 2PM

Chicago, IL: WYCCDT / Thurs. 9:30PM

Cincinnati, OH: WCETDT3 / Tues. 7:30PM, Wed. 12:30PM, Thurs. 12:30AM & 7:30PM

Claremore, OK: KRUSDT / Wed. & Sat. 10:30PM

Coeur d’Alene, ID: KCDTDT3 / Sun. Fri. & Mon. 11PM

Columbia, SC: WRLKDT2 / Sun. 6PM or 6:30PM

Conway, SC: WHMCDT2 / Sun. 6PM

Covington, KY: WCVNDT & WCVNDT2 / Mon. 1AM

Durham, NH: WENHDT2 / Sun. 11AM

East Lansing, MI: WKARDT & WKARDT2 / Fri. 12:30PM & Sat. 11:30PM

Elizabethtown, KY: WKZTDT & WKZTDT2 / Mon. 1AM

Fairfield, CT: WEDWDT / Mon. Tues. Wed. Sat. Sun. Check Local Listings

Flint, MI: WCMZDT / Sun. 1AM & 1:30AM

Florence, SC: WJPMDT2 / Sun. 6PM or 6:30PM

Fort Wayne, IN: WFWADT & WFWADT4 / Sun. 7:30PM Mon. 8PM & Thurs. 4:30PM Check Local Listings

Frederick, MD: WFPTDT & WFPTDT2 / Sun. 12:30AM & Tues 11PM

Garden City, NY: WLIWDT / Mon. 5:30PM

Greenville, SC: WNTVDT2 / Sun. 6PM

Greenwood, SC: WNEHDT2 / Sun. 6PM

Hagerstown, MD: WWPBDT & WWPBDT2 / Sun. 12:30AM

Hartford, CT: WEDHDT & WEDHDT3 / Tues. 5:30AM & 3:30PM Wed. 5:30 & 1PM

Hazard, KY: WKHADT & WKHADT2 / Mon. 1AM

Kalamazoo, MI: WGVKDT / Tues. 4AM & Fri. 11PM

Kansas City, MO: KCPTDT2 / Sat. 4:30PM

Keene, NH: WEKWDT2 / Sun. 11AM

Lexington, KY: WKLEDT & WKLEDT2 / Mon. 1AM

Littleton, NH: WLEDDT2 / Sun. 11AM


Madisonville, KY: WKMADT & WKMADT2


Morehead, KY: WKMRDT & WKMRDT2

Moscow, ID: KUIDDT3

Mount Pleasant, MI: WCMUDT


New Haven, CT: WEDYDT3

New Orleans, LA: WLAEDT & WLAEDT2

New Smyrna Beach, FL: WDSCDT

New York City, NY: WNETDT & WNYEDT

Norwich, CT: WEDNDT

Oakland, MD: WGPTDT

Owensboro, KY: WKOHDT & WKOHDT2



Pikeville, KY: WKPIDT

Pocatello, ID: KISUDT3

Providence, RI: WSBEDT2

Rock Hill, SC: WNSCDT2

Sacramento, CA: KVIEDT2

Salisbury, MD: WCPBDT2

Salt Lake City, UT: KUENDT

San Antonio, TX: KLRNDT2

San Bernardino, CA: KVCRDT3

San Mateo, CA: KCSMDT

Sedalia, MO: KMOSDT

Somerset, KY: WKSODT & WKSODT2

South Bend, IN: WNITDT2

Spartanburg, SC: WRETDT2

St. Paul, MN: KTCIDT3

Sumter, SC: WRJADT2

Syracuse, NY: WCNYDT

Tampa, FL: WEDQDT4

Toledo, OH: WGTEDT


Twin Falls, ID: KIPTDT3


20 Responses to “Stations”

  • Richard Hammer

    As of last week – I couldn’t find Theatertalk at the regular 11:30 pm spot on local PBS Channel 54. HELP! Are You still available in the Bay area? RSVP! Desperate Theatre Lover dazed and confused! HELP!
    G’Day Mate,
    Richard H

  • Chris Edwards

    I watch Theater Talk on WMHT channel 17 in Albany NY. You inadvertently mixed up the call letters.

  • Michael Schott

    Theater Talk is no longer being broadcast in Minneapolis, on TCPT, please bring it back, on Sunday afternoons.

    A loyal viewer, transplanted New Yorker

  • Benno Stamurs

    Note: Theater Talk ‘reruns’ are often broadcast in the DC area on WMPT2 (PBS)[HD]. Time does vary, but usually 00h00 or 00h30 the latter half of the week. Normally WMPT-Channel 22 carries Saturdays around 00h00 or 00h30. Enjoy the show very much! Thanks.

  • Roger

    Is Theater Talk still offered in the Los Angeles area? I really look forward to the show but haven’t been able to find it for some time now.

  • Brian J. Greene

    Theater Talk currently no longer airs on WYCC-TV/Channel 20 in Chicago, Illinois.

    Doggone It! 🙁

  • Barry D Miller

    I was interested to see John Simon saying he liked Madeline Kahn better than Kristin Chenoweth in “On the 20th Century.” In his original review, he didn’t seem to love her (see link below). As for her Madeline’s breasts . . . I don’t know what the hell he was talking about.

    It’s time for the misogynist / homophobe to retire. (see link below)

  • It’s bad news when the self-proclaimed “entertainment capital of the world” (i.e., Los Angeles) cannot find a time slot in its public television schedule for “Theater Talk.” This program would have quite a following here if regular theater attendance counts for anything at all. Hrrrrrmph!

  • Nancy

    Did it finally disappear? .. just when I’d found and became a fan of it! I look for WHUT around midnight, late in the week. . .

  • Pat

    Los Angeles PPPPPPPLEASE!

  • Patrick Smith


  • Cat

    Don’t forget Grand Rapids, Mi’s WGVU! Fridays at 11pm.

  • Drew C Morris

    WUSFTV-PBS in Tampa has been sold (for its airwaves). It no longer exists so it does NOT telecast Theater Talk. I’m hoping WEDU-PBS will pick up Theater Talk. In the mean time I’ll watch TT on YouTube.(thank goodness).

  • X

    I don’t see the listing for the show time that I watch, which is in Greater Boston, on the Rhode Island PBS station (Channel 965 if you have comcast/xfinity) broadcasting “Theater Talk” from 4:30pm to 5pm on Saturdays.

  • Drew Morris

    WUSF (Tampa) has been off the air for months. You need to update your stations list. Better still, get WEDU (Tampa) to carry Theater Talk.

  • T

    Boston: Sunday’s at 11:00 not 11:30.

  • Sisu Raiken

    I caught two broadcasts in Los Angeles that aired before this year’s Tonys. My TiVo must know I love theatre because it automatically recorded. I hope more broadcasts come our way. I thought all of the speakers were fantastic and they took me on a journey. It felt like I was sitting next to them at the actual performance, so vivid were the descriptions. Really appreciate the insight!

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