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Original tape date: January 31, 2014.

First aired: February 15, 2014.

Theater Talk presents a preview of the upcoming New York theater season, featuring Adam Feldman of “Time Out New York,” Jesse Green of “New York Magazine,” and Michael Musto of Out.com. They debate whether the season will be dominated by new musicals adapted from movies like “Bullets Over Broadway,” “Rocky,” and “The Bridges of Madison County,” or by original musicals such as “If/Then,” “Violet” and “Beautiful.” They also talk about promising new plays including Bryan Cranston playing LBJ in “All The Way,” James Lapine’s adaptation of Moss Hart’s memoir “Act One” and Harvey Fierstein’s intriguing new work about cross-dressers, “Casa Valentina.”

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    Mr Reidel,

    In answer to your rhetorical question during the Spring Preview show, “Do we really need to know that Moss Hart was bisexual?” The answer is a definitive yes, because revisionist history that silences the sexuality of gay men and women is a dangerous practice. Not only is it incredibly important that Hart was a gay man, it’s the real story of his struggles in life and is probably one of the most important aspect of said life. His “conversion” psychotherapy, his shock treatment, his manic depression, his self loathing all due to his inability to accept his sexuality are I believe quite important to his history. His well documented physical relationships with Lester Sweyd, Charles Lederer and Dore Schary show his nervous breakdowns to be a direct result of his need to hide his attraction to men. Not bisexual at all, actually a gay man on the down low pretending to be heterosexual. That you could so callously make a statement to the contrary seemingly shows your politics o
    vershadowing the truth of the situation. Is it in fact really necessary to identify the majority of the six million killed in Nazi Germany as Jews and Homosexuals? Is it really necessary to call out Fred Phelps for his homophobia? Is it important that Stephen Sondheim is a gay man and on and on and on? Yes Michael, it’s all important because gay men are sick of being invisible. The achievements of gay men must be championed, not brushed into some corner as unimportant. It is unconscionable that you as a representative of theater do not realize the simple fact that gay rights and the recognition of gay accomplishment are an important and meaningful inclusion in the world of theater and beyond. Shame on you.

    Jon Galt

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