Terry Teachout (1956-2022)

On September 18, 2014 by Theater Talk Web

Original tape date: February 28, 2014.

First aired: March 29, 2014.

We remember our friend, the late Terry Teachout (1956-2022), author, biographer, playwright and lead drama critic for The Wall Street Journal. Among his many appearances on THEATER TALK (most of them as a member of our critics’ panel) is this one with him and and actor John Douglas Thompson discussing Terry’s play, “Satchmo at The Waldorf” about the last years of jazz legend Louis Armstrong. Terry had a great wealth of knowledge about so many things, including Armstrong and the world of jazz. We will miss you, Terry.

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  • Charles Z Bornstein

    This was the best thing on Broadway that I have seen within the last 20 years for sure. The actor JDT is a sure genius. More of him and less of the pretty boys would do literature and the public a lot of good. This play basically deals with Armstrong’s career and inner dependence upon his Jewish Manager and weaves a highly emotional tale of need, friendship, marketing, music and self worth through the one actor. This is a highly turgid, historical and funny conception. An hour and 1/2 of non-stop machine gun rhythm rhythm leaves one crying, laughing and totally absorbed. The recitativo/aria style transferred to Broadway without hardly a sound of music turns Armstrong’s life into a one character opera. Anyone experiencing it can only come away wishing to have the experience again, (as I have!) It would be a miracle if this actor could sustain this intensity for too long so I would urge anyone that has the slightest interest, to see it live while he still does it.

  • Theater Talk Web

    Just watching the show on the play about Louis Armstrong. This may be my favorite episode seeing how racially ignorant Michael is about the subject that he actually lets Susan Haskins speak without interruptions. He has shushed Susan and put her in her place for years and he is just an asshole. Why can’t you get a real critic from a real paper to do this show. Michael will always be a silly little clown in my view.

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