On October 23, 2013 by Theater Talk Web

This week we focus on The Landing, a new musical at The Vineyard Theatre by composer John Kander and writer Greg Pierce who join us on the program with the production’s director Walter Bobbie and one quarter of its cast, actor David Hyde Pierce. Kander discusses why he chose to work with Greg, the first person with whom he’s created an entire musical since the death of his long time professional partner, Fred Ebb, in 2004. The Landing is a departure for Kander from the big “razzle-dazzle” shows he did with Ebb; it is an intimate chamber piece (3 separate works written for 4 actors and 4 instruments), but though The Landing is small in scope, it has huge emotional power.

Next we focus on Broadway’s upcoming production of Macbeth at The Vivan Beaumont Theater. Suzy Evans of Backstage joins Susan Haskins on an excursion to a Lincon Center rehearsal room where they interview members of the creative team for this new take on Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy (and arguably his most brutal). Directed by Jack O’Brien, this version features Ethan Hawke in the title role. The play is “basically… a nightmare,” O’Brien tells us, “a mythic meditation on addiction to all kinds of power.”


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