The Return of  Love Letters actor BRIAN DENNEHY and playwright A. R. GURNEY

On April 16, 2020 by Theater Talk Web

Original tape date: October 3, 2014.

First aired: November 1, 2014.

Actor Brian Dennehy and playwright A.R. Gurney discuss the prolific writer’s revered play, Love Letters, now in an all-star revival on Broadway with Dennehy in the lead. Since it premiered in 1988, this two-character, epistolary-form drama has been performed in countless productions all over the world.

One Response to “The Return of  Love Letters actor BRIAN DENNEHY and playwright A. R. GURNEY”

  • Donna

    I am tired of hearing Michael entirely take over the role of host. I am also tired of watching Susan hardly ever finish her sentences coherently, and instead completely acquiesce to his dominating the conversation for most of the show. Today, I was actually looking forward at one point to an in-depth discussion of the female character’s point of view in Love Letters, when suddenly Michael’s old paternalistic male feminist bashing comments silenced any in-depth investigation of the female point of view in the play, and again Michael and the male guests took over the conversation FOR THE ENTIRE REST OF THE SHOW. I was especially disappointed to learn that the playwright, Mr. Gurney, after writing the play admitted to not having taken any time to consider what he had written in any depth beyond his own personal, male point of view. I look for venues of enlightened discussion. I am disappointed, as a theatre person myself, to see that male domination is still alive and well even in public discourses such as this show. When will we grow up? As much as we espouse to be the most enlightened country in the world, we are truly not much different than any of the other backward thinking cultures that exist in the world today, which do not allow the feminine voice to be heard, respected, and valued.

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