Richard Griffiths (1947-2013)

On July 9, 2013 by Theater Talk Web

Original tape date: May 10, 2013.

First aired: July 6, 2013.

First, eminent critic John Simon celebrates his 88th birthday on the show. He looks back on his distinguished career, which began in 1949 when he wrote a review for the out-of-town tryout of Tennessee Williams’ “A Street Car Named Desire” in The Harvard Advocate and was fired for making it “too positive…because no play can be that good.” Next we replay a 2006 conversation with the late Richard Griffiths (known internationally as “Uncle Vernon in The Harry Potter films), who was then on Broadway, giving his Tony-winning performance in “The History Boys.” The master performer and raconteur shares tips on acting, as well as an analysis of the Stanislavsky system that is not to be missed.

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