Elaine Stritch (1925-2014)

On February 21, 2013 by Theater Talk

ENCORE: February 2nd is Elaine Stritch’s birthday. In 2013, she celebrated her 88th on Theater Talk with her good friends, musical director Rob Bowman and actor Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, along with co-hosts Susan Haskins and Michael Riedel. Stritch died in 2014, so this turned out to be the last of her seven memorable appearances on Theater Talk. We repeat this episode now in loving memory of this amazing woman, and also because it is just so entertaining.

Original tape date: February 1, 2013.

First aired: February 16, 2013.

In tribute to Elaine Stritich (1925-2014), we are reairing her last appearance on THEATER TALK, her “88th Birthday Bash” from February , 2012

Joining us along with Stritch herself are her good friends, music director Rob Bowman, and actor Hunter Ryan Herdlicka who appeared with Stritch in “A Little Night Music” on Broadway. In a freewheeling conversation, Stritch reminisces fondly about a number of people and things of significance including Stephen Sondheim, Bela Lugosi, and the gift basket that Alec Baldwin sent her after she injured her hip.

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  • mikeh66

    Of all the episodes of Theater Talk I’ve watched, this one was THE FUNNIEST! Elaine Stritch should be in a sitcom.

    • Jim M.

      Elaine Stritch was actually already in a few sitcoms–“The Cosby Show,” “3rd Rock From the Sun,” and, perhaps her most famous TV comedy role, as a recurring character on “30 Rock” (she portrayed the mother of the character played by that creep Alec Baldwin).

      But I think I know what you mean–Stritch should have had a starring role in her own sitcom, and long ago. She very nearly did, was almost cast as “Dorothy Zbornak” in “The Golden Girls,” the role ultimately given to Bea Arthur.

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