TONY Wrap-Up and ‘Turn Me Loose’

On June 10, 2016 by Theater Talk Web

Our pundits Patrick Pacheco of the Los Angeles Times, Michael Musto of and Jesse Green of New York Magazine recap the notable moments of the 70th Annual Tony Awards. Also on the show, a red carpet report from roving reportersAndrewAndrew.

Then, actor Joe Morton, director John Gould Rubin and playwrightGretchen Law discuss their new show, Turn Me Loose: A Play about Comic Genius Dick Gregory. Gregory’s comedy career took off in the early 60s with appearances on The Tonight Show, but he quickly used his mainstream success to heighten his white audience’s awareness of racial inequality and other forms of oppression in our society. Turn Me Loose shows him at different times in his life, creating a powerful portrait of this influential activist who continues to speak out to this day.

One Response to “TONY Wrap-Up and ‘Turn Me Loose’”

  • Steve Majsak

    You pompous asses. In the context of Dick Gregory’s show and life, you had an opportunity to educate a broadcast audience on the life and importance of Medgar Evans, and instead of telling the briefest story of his challenges or accomplishment, or giving your audience the crumb of a link to go online to learn why his life matters, you just sit by as your guest says “Shame on You” for our not knowing already. Shame on you Joe Morton. And shame on you Michael and Susan for not stepping up to fill in the gaps in our knowledge. Isn’t that what great theatre – and the discussion about great theatre — is supposed to do? Or is this just a little kingdom where you entertain yourselves with what clever trivia you already know? You can do better.

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