Farewell to Our Era

After 25 Years, the Curtain Closes on “Theater Talk”


Responses to the End of THEATER TALK

• This is heartbreaking news. What a glorious run you made of THEATER TALK, though, and how essential it became to the theater world at large. Ben Brantley / Co-Chief Drama Critic of The New York Times

• We will miss your wonderful show. Charlotte St. Martin/President of the Broadway League

• I just read that THEATER TALK has officially ended and I am gutted! Growing up in Maryland before social media it was one of the few windows I had into the NYC theater community. It aired on Maryland PBS at 1am and I would fight to stay awake even after my late Mom would yell at me to go to bed. I would look at her with obsessive theater kid eyes and say, “But Mom! THEATER TALK is coming on!” She would relent and let me stay up until it was over. Now that I live here in NYC, it is still my go to. I will miss your show. It has truly been a massive part of the history of my love for the theater. Ebony / Theatre Geeks Anonymous Pod‏cast

• I think the cancellation of TT is a terrible loss to our Community, and you always allowed EVERYONE’S views to be shared which, in our Business, is truly rare. Todd Haimes / Artistic Director / CEO of The Roundabout Theatre Company

• Thank you, THEATER TALK for bringing us candid conversations from so many theatre greats over the past 25 years.

TDF (Theatre Development Fund)

• Very, very, very sorry to see the show go.  Will be hugely missed.  What a loss. Scott Rudin

• This is a punch in the gut; your show has been huge to us all for a quarter of a century and the historical contribution is not yet even fully evident.  You can’t know how much those of us on this side appreciated and treasured what you did.

Dennis Crowley / Senior Publicist / Disney Theatrical Productions

• I am so sorry to hear that THEATER TALK will not continue.  It was such an important part of theatre life for so long. THEATER TALK will be missed by all.  Congratulations on all you have done. Merle Frimark/Merle Frimark PR

• I will miss your program sorely and the American Theater has truly lost a major institution. Jessica Johnson / Polk and Co.

• What is NYC and Theater without THEATER TALK? Judy Katz / KatzPR

• Why are you abandoning us??!!! We need you!!! Aaron Meier / Account Supervisor / omdkc.com

• A real loss to the theater. Thanks for everything. Susan L. Schulman / Schulman Publicity 

• I certainly regret that after 25 years, your wonderful program has come to an end. But, you should know that I, and all of the rest of your audience, think the program was truly excellent, and you should be proud that the high quality of your work never declined.  THEATER TALK was intelligent people talking intelligently about interesting subjects. How rare. Only a few special people make such wonderful contributions to their fellow citizens. Cary J. Malkin / Mayer Brown LLP

• In 2013 I had a stem-cell (bone marrow) transplant in December of the year that my grandmother died. The following year I had to spend mostly in seclusion due to my low immune system. Also I went into a very deep depression. But during this time I found your show on YouTube, and I basically binge watched it. I loved it; living in East Tennessee there are not many theater outlets or such things. It was a truly bright spot in my life and I think it helped me during my time of healing. Just loved the show, I learned so much about the theater and all the work behind it. Very sad to hear this. Jordan McPherson

•  I will try to stay positive but am very upset by this. It was an excellent anthology and will be VERY missed. Robert LoBiondo

• You did a wonderful wonderful thing and you made an enormous difference by giving our community a place to talk the straight dope about the work and biz and giving an audience the opportunity to hear things in more depth. You made a difference.

Daniel Marcus 

• Congratulations on your wonderfully long run on TV. Great show! David Staller / Gingold Group

• Just wanted you to know how much I love THEATER TALK. For those of us who love the theater and have devoted our lives to it, THEATER TALK let us know that we were not alone or forgotten in our devotion.  Your interviews were always informative, intelligent and entertaining. I will miss it so much!  Lee Roy Reams

• This makes me so so sad! I was introducing friends to your show this weekend and confessed it was part of my Sunday morning ritual after FACE THE NATION. Kathryn Zuckerman 

• This is very sad news. I feel darned lucky for the 25 years of THEATER TALK we got. Scott Brown 

• Your contribution to theater coverage was so important. Our world is lesser for this show being gone.

David Sheward / former President of The Drama Desk

• Oh no, oh no, oh say it isn’t so! No more THEATER TALK — my life will never be the same! Seriously — I’m a New Yorker living in San Francisco; a Professor Emerita of Theater at the University of San Francisco.  Now in retirement I write theater reviews. Nonetheless, when it comes to theater, San Francisco is not New York.  What’s kept me going all this time, what’s fed my need to know what’s happening in theater, is THEATER TALK.  I can’t imagine a life without THEATER TALK.   I feel as if something very important has been excised from my life.   I deeply appreciate all that went into the making if the show and I feel privileged to have been able to watch it all these years. Paula Campbell

• I was so unhappy to read about the end of THEATER TALK. For so many years your program had made my theater going experiences so much more meaningful. Each week was like a visit with friends that I will miss very much. Lucy Haskell

• This is worse than awful, it’s outrageous. For my money, you and THEATER TALK have been every bit as good as Farid Zaharia on politics on CNN, and I’m sure mine must be one of tens of thousands of lives that will be much poorer without this great show. To quote Ray Bolger in The Wizard of Oz “Oh, this is TERRIBLE.” Elliott Sirkin  

• Such sad news, we have nothing like THEATER TALK in the UK and it’s an end of an era. If nothing else, TT has proved an invaluable aural history of the recent history of Broadway and its practitioners. I hope there is a way this glorious show can be reborn. Chris Voisey  

• My husband and I are both so disappointed to hear that THEATER TALK will not be continuing. You have created a strong voice and celebration of New York theater through your show, and this show has been loved by so many for so long, a very unique and personal theater love poem to New York and Broadway!  We are very sorry to see this great show not continue!!! Tiina Berman

• That’s awful news. As someone said, “There was nothing like it on television.” It was a wonderful fix of brains and entertainment. Thank you for a great show, and for fighting a good fight. Christopher Bram 

• Just a great show. TV desperately needs what your program did…. your bravery is only exceeded by your courage, which despite real obstacles, made that show possible in a world where that just doesn’t happen. Warren Leming 

• Your program is still head and shoulders above the rest of the theater-themed platforms, because you always put the work itself in the center of your discussion, instead of some publicity stunts. Thank you most sincerely for your perseverance, for making this miracle last for 25 years. I’ll miss your critical and independent thinking, your curiosity towards something truly beautiful, and your effort to turn many eyes, mine definitely, to look, really look at this art form called theater. Best wishes from Germany!

Peilin On A Sunday 

• After 25 years,  the nationally syndicated, Emmy Award-winning television program, THEATER TALK,” is going off the air. (And it was being carried by more than 100 public television stations, so it reached people in diverse parts of the country.) For all who love theater, this is a real loss. There was nothing else like it on TV. I had thought this unique show–like “Meet the Press”–would continue forever. Chip Deffaa

• A middle schooler on Long Island had a YouTube channel, and he would spend hours that should have been dedicated to homework, educating himself on arguably the greatest storytelling tradition there is. THEATER TALK was a vital part of that education. That middle schooler is now a young adult who gets to experience/create his own theater, but he feels deeply for the middle schoolers out there who won’t get to experience the theater scene in NY in real time. Thank you for molding many young minds. Thank you for making NY theatre accessible to anyone, anywhere. Daniel Smith 

• I don’t see a vision in going corporate or having overseers.” Well said, Susan. 90% of our Mainstream Media is now corporate-owned—to the detriment of American society. No serious theatergoer wants to watch a lifeless, rubber-stamped theater criticism show whose reason for being is to sell plays regardless of quality. I admire your dedication to principles, spine, and resolve! Onward and upward! Walter Paul

• I have been a big fan of THEATER TALK for such a long time. Your show gave another dimension to Broadway. When I would see a show after one of your interviews, I always felt I had a deeper insight. Larry Terricone

•  THEATER TALK is the absolutely BEST show of its type in the NY market. We are very, very sad, mainly because of you and those that you mingle with on the air becoming a mainstay of our weekly…no, almost daily in some weeks…viewing habits and will be sorely missed. Richard & Shari Fogler

• Your service was unique. You weren’t ponderous, as C-SPAN 3 can often be, but you weren’t fluff, like “Entertainment Tonight.” I’m a student of most things historical, and Broadway has been a source of fascination to me for years (esp. living in California).  History is largely about proportion and perspective, and your interviews gave me much to think about and reflect upon.  So, I’ll remind myself, as I do when a loved one passes on, to not grieve that you are gone, but be grateful that you were here.

Craig Catelani

• I am desolate! THEATER TALK has long been my favorite TV show! I am sure I am not alone in saying that I will miss it dreadfully. I guess “all good things must come to an end,” but I wish this one wouldn’t. Many thanks for all these years! Margaret Goodman

• For years, I’ve stayed up late, in order to watch TT. Intelligent, enlightening, engaging…alerting me, many times, to brilliant productions I would have missed. I am so disappointed. Ruth Klein

• Thank you for your special Legacy. I enjoyed this past season because of its diverse co-hosts.  Best wishes to you all. Kj Rink 

• God, I will miss the show huge. Thank you for all the years of info and entertainment. this is very sad. Judi Radin 

• Very sad to hear the news that there will be no more THEATER TALK. Living in Melbourne Australia, it has been a stimulating insight into theatre in New York. Intelligent discussion about a crucial and vibrant art form surely can never go out of style. It beggars belief it will be no more. Steven Smith

•  I have tears in my eyes. THEATER TALK has been a staple of my theater diet for at least 20 years.  I just wish I knew where we will all her insightful interviews with the artists bringing theater to life from now on. Thank you for the many years of smiles and education and entertainment. Beth Senturia

• You’ve done a great service with your program. Those of us who live in Los Angeles consider this our link to the New York theater. Thank you for all your brilliant work, and thank god we’ll have the THEATER TALK archive! You’ll be missed! Mark Westlund  

• Thank you for so many great years of this show. I looked forward to it every week. You are a national treasure!! Laurett Gannon 

• This is devastating news. I looked forward to watching each week. Congratulations on an incredible run. I’m indebted to you and your team for endless hours of entertainment and information that made me a smarter theatre goer. Daniel Quitério 

• Thank you so much for this special program! You provided so many years of insight, laughter, and discussion. Edward Reisert

• Very sad about this. I respect the work you all have done and have learned so much. I’ll miss the wit, the intelligence, the insights. Thank you. Judy Harrison 

• So very sorry! There is no other show anywhere on TV like THEATER TALK. I feel devastated. Will miss you very much.

Joan Vogelle  

• Sad, sad news- you accomplished so much with this beautifully produced show. I will miss it so. I loved the commentary, banter and discussions. Yes, a monumental achievement. Dottie Jeffries 

• Bravo for a job well done and staying with the courage of your convictions. Cynthia Hessemer  

• This is sad for so many. Your serious appreciation braved the wilds of the ephemeral and gave popular culture a tremendous jolt. Your contribution is as distinguished as the theater is. James MacDonald 

• A big loss for the theatre. A big loss for quality TV. So sad. Anne F. Zimmerman 

• You had the kind of show that you talk about long after it’s gone. Nothing like it. What a great run. Jeff Barnett 

• So sad to learn this news. I’ve been watching faithfully for more than 2 decades. You made staying up late on Friday evenings worth it. I will miss THEATER TALK so very much. Ellen Florman Dweck 

• WOW I Love the Theatre, and THEATER TALK was a beautiful show. Good luck, and always remember if you love the Theatre, she will love you back and the People will come to you. Vincent Phillips 

• I am selfishly so sad to lose THEATER TALK. I’ve looked forward to it for years to hear fascinating stories, interviews and behind the scenes secrets that you can’t hear anywhere else. I’ve laughed and I’ve learned. Your passion and appreciation for theater and the arts are contagious.  THEATER TALK will be greatly missed. Diane Kyle 

• Thank you for 26 years (!!!) of insightful and entertaining shows. This news is a knife in the heart. Alex Rybeck 

• I have loved watching the show for many years. Best wishes, from Ireland. Iarla McGowan 

• So sorry to hear that the show will not be coming back. I live in a small town in the Midwest and enjoyed watching new episodes on YouTube. At least I can still enjoy the archives on there. Thank you for expanding my horizons. Molly Rh 

• I am heartbroken…and overwhelmingly grateful for all that you have exposed me to, all that you’ve celebrated and all the entertainment with which you have provided over the years. Guy Anthony 

• THEATER TALK kept me connected to the one of the greatest loves of my life …. It all started when I was fourteen and a mentor took me to see my first Broadway musical, “Gypsy,” with the great Ethel Merman. My life was changed forever. Over the years, you and your guests were welcomed in my home each week to tell your wonderful stories. There will be many broken hearts for all the lights on Broadway. Robert Mitroke   

•  You and THEATER TALK have been a Broadway light to us in the boonies only being able to visit NYC maybe once a year. After watching forever in Baltimore and the last 7 years in Massachusetts I will miss the show terribly. You, Michael and the roster of critics brought information, education and joy for a long time. You should be very proud. Ben Ryland

• I always looked forward to your show – in gratitude for many years of faithful watching I wish you adieu. Warren Berger  

• THIS IS TERRIBLE!! Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!  Owen Plotkin 

• So so very sad to hear this. Will be lost without this brilliant show. SAD!!! Tony Reilly 

• This makes me so sad. Living on the west coast,THEATER TALK was the only way I had to keep up to date with theater. Thank you! 

Jan Brandt 

• I have watched your show since I was a teenager, and I have always loved it. What a resource. So sad to see this end.

Brendan Clifford 

• This saddens me so, Susan. You are a pioneer and the show has been a theatrical institution. THEATER TALK will be sorely missed but thank you for all the years of these wonderful shows. Brava!! Gary Stevens 

• I’m so sorry to hear you’re going off the air. I’ve watched every episode of THEATER TALK since 2005 (at least). I didn’t care who the guests were; I enjoyed every show. please come back. some way, somehow. Glen Rockwood 

• Noooo! This makes me so sad! Your show has been life changing for me! Jen Coogan 

• As an avid viewer, I can’t believe it and find it heartbreaking that it’s the end of THEATER TALK. We need THEATER TALK!

Michael Harrison Carlin 

• Thank you for many years of informative and entertaining stories of theatre in NY. This Canadian will very much miss your show. 

Barbara Mah 

• So sorry to see it go. THEATER TALK, with its booking of guests from every corner of the theatrical world, piqued my interest in shows and books I might not have sought out This was one of the best shows on TV. It will definitely leave a void. Chris Lucas 

• Thank you, Susan and team, for your incredible contribution to the theater community and the arts! Randy Zeese 

• This is an outrage! “THEATER TALK won the 2017 Emmy Award for Best Interview/Discussion Show in the New York area. Its last season was distributed to more than a hundred public television stations nationwide.” So obviously it must be canceled!! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to this show every week. No other show of this genre has ever come close. Susan being the best host with a bottomless wealth of theater background and knowledge, and having you Michael, and Jesse Green, Adam Feldman, Jason Zinoman, Julie Halston, Jan Simpson, Michael Musto, and Elisabeth Vincentelli filling us in on all that matters, was my guaranteed seat in the theater. This seriously sucks. Jackie Rudin 

• A serious loss to the community… sometimes people just don’t get the importance of something like this. However, as the inimitable Elaine Stritch would have said … to you, for those 25 years, “Hats off!!!!” Peter Tear 

• Thank you for giving us so many years of such a wonderful show. To say you will be missed is a huge understatement.

Mark Sagarin 

• This news is extremely disappointing. There is no other access to the insight you present about Broadway Theatre. As a costumer for Broadway, I depended on THEATER TALK to fill in the details on what was happening with the shows. I feel that this is a great loss to the Broadway community. Thank you for your brilliant presentations! Judith E. Marsh 

• I’m heartbroken. Loved the discussions. Depended on the reviews. Especially loved group critic episodes. Enjoyed the addition of Jesse. I am SO disappointed, and SAD. Melissa Murray Bance 

• Thank you, Susan, for the dedication it took to produce so many hours of joy for grateful viewers like me. Profound thanks to you and your colleagues, and strong wishes of hope and happiness in the next act of your adventures. Rosemary Connors 

• What sad news! I’ve loved THEATER TALK for years. Thanks so much for your service and efforts to keep the discussion going. Good work! Adam Turner 

• I’m going to miss the show, and I’m going to miss the hope of being on it someday “when I grow up.” Best wishes to you, and my gratitude. John Verderber 

• We will miss you very much. Such treasured memories. Rudy Palma 

• From the Philippines, I’m so sad of this development. Hope one day you can still be on air again. Hitori Kure 

• Thank you for your many years of great interviews. It was always a treat to us theatre fans to watch Arthur Laurents, Elaine Stritch, etc. on your show. Thank you for your invaluable service to the theatre community. Wade Richardson 

• My heart is broken to know this, but what an immense treasure trove over that 26 beautiful years you have to keep sharing with us. I will continue to share old THEATER TALKs through social media for younger generations and I will continue to watch it repeatedly.

Michael Loris 

• This is breaking my heart right in two. As a dweller of the in-between part of the country, the intelligent & funny THEATER TALK show made me feel like I was right in the heart of Broadway. Mark Hite 

• I loved the show so much. Coming from a small town in So. Illinois it really kept me touch and informed about the theater scene. Going to really miss you all!!  Cynthia Shaw 

• That’s terrible news! I watched the show from the beginning and you and the show will surely be missed! Randy Mailman 

• This is heartbreaking. Thank you, for all of the years of wonderful programming. I have learned a lot and the show was part of my NY theater lifeline when I lived out west for 19 years. It will truly be missed. Greg Rice 

• I am so sorry to hear this news, as THEATER TALK was a way for me to feel close to an art form I love. My sincerest thanks to all who kept it as entertaining and informative as it has been over the years. This show will be missed. Jim Kelly 

• This is fucked up. Peter Robinson 

• COME BACK SHANE! Seth Christenfeld  



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